Apex New – Old Faithful

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This review of Apex New Font from Village Type is our first blog post, so welcome if you haven’t been here before! I first came across Apex New from Village Type when I saw an NHS smoking prevention poster. I thought the typeface looked great, and worked well as a no-nonsense modern sans typeface which, like Meta from Erik Spiekermann, could be used in a broad range of corporate applications. I had to ask the guys on Typophile to help identify a scrap of the typeface I had managed to scan and post on the forums there, and thankfully someone helped me out. Chester Jenkins, Apex New creator, began work on improving Apex Sans, the root of Apex New in 2004, and it now has seven weights and over a thousand glyphs per font, so I can use it in just about any application requiring this kind of typeface.

Apex New Typeface

Apex New Typeface

I have now completed several projects using this typeface, both for running text, and also for headings, and even for logotype. It’s very flexible, and works well at text and display sizes. I don’t yet own the small caps fonts of this typeface, but personally I think the lower case characters hold the majority of the charm.

I particularly like the slight squareness to the lowercase characters. The g is lovely. The lighter weights are also very elegant and offer a great alternative to the ubiquitous Helvetica which is often used in light weights by just about every bland corporateĀ  out there (think M&S). Those with a sharp eye will say I use Helvetica Extended in my logo too, but it was a tongue in cheak joke that backfired when my focus group decided they preferred it to other options – so I gave in to the populist vote! I’m sure my logo will change again in time.

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