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We recently completed a logo project for Crystal Safety Training. Their client base is a mix of medium to large private companies, plus some public organisations. We required a friendly but not too informal typeface that would not look too dangerous! The theme of safety wouldn’t be well advertised by some of the most modern curvey Sans typefaces, but we also didn’t want to go with something that has become too generic, like FF Meta.

The finished logo using the Delicious heavy weight font.

The finished logo using the Delicious heavy weight font.

Luckily, while reading through our favourite typography forums and blogs, we came across Delicious, by exljbris Font Foundry. Although this is a free font, it proved perfect for our needs. It has a range of weights, including a nice heavy weight, which balanced well against the bold iconic crystal shape we had envisaged for the identity. The letterforms are consistent, with enough personality to set them apart from many generic Sans faces, but not too much to appear flippant or quirky.


Probably the wildest character in the logotype.

Probably the wildest character in the logotype.

We didn’t want to customise the typeface in any way as there were no obvious flaws in the resulting wordforms. The colour scheme is obviously conservative, against reinforcing confidence in a brand which is selling safety.

The overall effect is a cool, yet friendly identity that effectively bonds the crystal device with the logotype. We’re please to say the client is very happy with the result.

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