Transfer IPS tag away from 1and1

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Just a quick post, to help any people who are trying to move their domains away from 1and1 internet. I have just had to do this again for one of my clients, and each time I have to dig up the information from google, so thought this time I would post the procedure here so other people might find it more easily.

Now, it’s not for me to criticise 1and1. They surely have their reasons for having such an awkward and undocumented method for people to move their domains to another provider, but just for the record, here is how you do it for .uk domains at least (I haven’t had to go through the torture of moving a .com or other TLD – Top Level Domain).

Basically, we will be changing the IPS tag (Sometimes known as the IPSTAG, or Internet Provider Security Tag) from 1and1’s (probably SCHLUND) to your new one ( for example use FASTHOSTS). So, the first step is to find out what your new IPSTAG should be from your new domain registrar.

When you have this, go to and login to your 1and1 account as normal.

Click on the Change Contract link from the left. Click the package that contains the domain you wish to transfer away from 1and1. Choose to cancel contract. Select the nearest date to today as the date to do it, and choose the Change Provider option from the Cancellation Option drop-down box. Go to the Execute On drop-down box and choose “As soon as possible”.

After clicking Next, it will go on to ask you for an IPSTAG, so put the new one in and confirm again. After a while you will get an email from 1and1 asking you for confirmation. Click the link there, wait a few hours, and you should be finished! You can check when your IPSTAG has changed by going to and typing your domain name in their WHOIS box.


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