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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – Just plain sucks

I’m sorry, I’m not normally given to outburts like this. For years I, like every web developer out here, has had to battle with the big E. It’s one thing to have to write code to make a web browser do what you want – that’s part of the job. But then we all have to make it work in IE6, IE7, or older – two truly horrible web browsers, whose crumby standards compliance is nothing short of depressing. I’m not sure of the exact figures, but I think most developers would agree that if it took 8hrs to create your web application, then it’s not uncommon for more than 2 of those hours might be simply to fix bugs in Internet Explorer.  Read More…

Adding multiple forwarders quickly in Cpanel/WHM

I often have to add several forwarders at a time to various accounts, and I thought I would just share this little tip for anyone who is doing things the hard way via the control panel.

The forwarders and default routing instructions are usually stored in a directory /etc/valiases

Each domain has a file, which contains it’s routing information, the format of the file is generally:
*: :fail: No such user here

The last line sorts out the default routing. The asterisk representing a wildcard address, the destination being :fail: and the failure message returned at SMTP time is “No such user here”.

You can add as many lines as you wish using the editor of your choice. Enjoy!