Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – Just plain sucks

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I’m sorry, I’m not normally given to outburts like this. For years I, like every web developer out here, has had to battle with the big E. It’s one thing to have to write code to make a web browser do what you want – that’s part of the job. But then we all have to make it work in IE6, IE7, or older – two truly horrible web browsers, whose crumby standards compliance is nothing short of depressing. I’m not sure of the exact figures, but I think most developers would agree that if it took 8hrs to create your web application, then it’s not uncommon for more than 2 of those hours might be simply to fix bugs in Internet Explorer.¬†

Well, thanks to Microsoft, we now have a third, ugly pile of steaming detritus to have to account for in the form of IE8. It’s as though they are on a mission to destroy the web for anyone who dares use anything that doesn’t come out of Seattle. In a desire to avoid regulatory and legal problems,¬†Internet Explorer was released in a standards compliant mode – so I suppose it could have been worse as they might have released it as an unmitigated crock of crap, riddled with even more inconsistencies.

To add insult to injury, earlier versions of JQuery, one of the most widely used javascript libraries on the net was rendered almost unusable by IE8 – forcing huge, and I mean HUGE amounts of work, and money to simply accommodate Microsoft’s new browser.

It really is depressing – more so because the public will buy their propaganda and end up installing IE8, and then the cost of developing websites will just increase further while more time is needed to iron out a new, third wave of Microsoft bugs. And why do people keep using IE? Microsoft’s marketing machine!

Remember back in the good old days of DOS? Well, many of you won’t, but at that time there was DOS and there was PCDOS by IBM… then came Windows 3 from Microsoft, and later cam OS2 from IBM… OS2? How few of us remember that! Yes, a mutli threaded operating system that could play videos while dragging the window around the screen. Nothing great by today’s standards, but a major leap forward back in the early 90’s… Did we all run OS2? No, of course not, the marketing machine of Microsoft got us all to buy Windows, and here we are… almost 20 years later and having learnt very little.

If none of this makes sense, then please, INSTALL SOMETHING ELSE other than IE – do yourself a favour!

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera – anything but IE8!


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