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Free iMac Vector Image Illustration

Free iMac Vector ImageSo, it was a rainy Sunday, and going flying was not an option, so I thought I would spruce up my home page a little, particularly after launching my project. Anyway, I wanted to put a picture of my iMac on there, but was faced with either

  • looking for some stock art (pricey)
  • lugging my iMac into the studio and photographing it
  • flexing my Illustrator muscles

So, I thought I’d share the love today, and create a lovely vector illustration of my iMac in Adobe Illustrator. Read More…

SantWeb – Small Business Websites

I’ve been trying to find time for ages to produce a simple content managed website solution for small businesses that really works. I have just finished the first version, and it’s called SantWeb! It’s streamlined, with search engine optimised site structures, and is sold as a one off fee, with our normal annual hosting cost. Much cheaper than some of the packages around.

In short, a SantWeb site will allow you to add as many pages as you like, including your own images, and files for download. Pages can be displayed based on dates, so they automatically appear or disappear, or they can be set to never expire (permanent). All URLs generated are simple, human readable format, making the site even more attractive to Google and other search engines.

There is a demonstration site at

WHM/Cpanel Copy Packages and Features

WHM tips are coming thick and fast this week! This time I came across the problem of quickly creating a copy of an existing WHM Package or Feature List. These are normally managed in the area:

 Main >> Packages

Which is fine if you are starting from scratch, but what if you want to create a new Package, or Feature List based on a pre-existing one? Going through all those check boxes is a royal pain! Well, it turns out it’s pretty simples! Read On… Read More…

WHM/Cpanel per-user php.ini under Apache 2.x and suPHP

OK, time for another delve into the underbelly of WHM, and a short lesson in how to achieve something which seems so poorly covered (although Cpanel, to their credit have started to explain things a little more clearly) elsewhere, especially for folks who may not be uber-geeks (I make no such claim!).

Very often we want to tighten php.ini up to make our servers as secure as possible – but then there is always going to be a few accounts where for various reasons, you want to bend the rules. Well, now you can set up your WHM/Cpanel server with a central and yet allow selected users the ability to use a customised php.ini, managed and controlled by YOU! Read More…