Free iMac Vector Image Illustration

Free iMac Vector ImageSo, it was a rainy Sunday, and going flying was not an option, so I thought I would spruce up my home page a little, particularly after launching my project. Anyway, I wanted to put a picture of my iMac on there, but was faced with either

  • looking for some stock art (pricey)
  • lugging my iMac into the studio and photographing it
  • flexing my Illustrator muscles

So, I thought I’d share the love today, and create a lovely vector illustration of my iMac in Adobe Illustrator.

I purposely avoided using any kind of gradient meshes, just relying on standard linear gradients. Some of the shadows were a little awkward, so I ended up overlaying a couple of shadow layers with the gradients running in slightly different directions to get the desired effect. Obviously, this would only work in the RGB mode, so if you want to use this in any CMYK work, you would have to rasterise/rasterize it first, and then convert to CMYK for print.

The preview below was tweaked afterwards in Photoshop to add the screen contents, and reflection/glare, and the shadow under the foot, but apart from that, it’s all good.

Free Vector iMac

Click here for direct download

There is no license with this image (for obvious reasons), but if you do use it, I’d love to see the results. Enjoy! 🙂


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