WHM/Cpanel Copy Packages and Features

WHM tips are coming thick and fast this week! This time I came across the problem of quickly creating a copy of an existing WHM Package or Feature List. These are normally managed in the area:

 Main >> Packages

Which is fine if you are starting from scratch, but what if you want to create a new Package, or Feature List based on a pre-existing one? Going through all those check boxes is a royal pain! Well, it turns out it’s pretty simples! Read On…

/var/cpanel/features contains flat files which contains each of your Feature Lists.

/var/cpanel/packages contains flat files which contains each of your Package configurations.

Just copy the files to create a cloan of an existing Feature List or Package. You will need to refresh your browser’s view of the WHM page to see the new entries.

It is probably a BAD IDEA to remove a Package or Feature List this way, as I am unsure how this may affect accounts that rely on those settings. Therefore always remove Packages and Feature Lists using the WHM interface.


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