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Applying RewriteCond to Multiple RewriteRule in .htaccess

Just a quick hints and tips update for today. On a number of my sites I have been using mod_rewrite to produce SEO friendly URLs. e.g. :

instead of something like:

This is done using RewriteCond and RewriteRule statements in .htaccess. However, normally RewriteCond only applies to the RewriteRule immediately following it. This means we end up with horrible repetitive blocks of code in our .htaccess files. In this article I’ll show you how to rationalise this problem and shorten your code! Read More… is born

Ziphost is go – web hosting with human(e) support

The problem – a few huge names offering hosting for pence, and offering predictably poor support.

The solution – don’t be greedy, just offer high performance hosting for a few quid more, and offer real HUMAN support.

This is the philosophy behind Ziphost is going to be small, but perfectly formed, offering robust high performance web hosting to small businesses and organisations. We aren’t planning to sell domain names – and strongly recommend anyone not to put their domain registrations and hosting in the same basket for safety’s sake. Read More…