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Ziphost is go – web hosting with human(e) support

The problem – a few huge names offering hosting for pence, and offering predictably poor support.

The solution – don’t be greedy, just offer high performance hosting for a few quid more, and offer real HUMAN support.

This is the philosophy behind Ziphost is going to be small, but perfectly formed, offering robust high performance web hosting to small businesses and organisations. We aren’t planning to sell domain names – and strongly recommend anyone not to put their domain registrations and hosting in the same basket for safety’s sake.

How it all began

A few years ago we started running our own dedicated machines to host customer websites. It provided greater control, flexibility, and security. Since then, more customers have steadily come to us because they simply like the fact that if anything goes wrong, they can get straight through to me, without having to deal with a frustrating ticket system.

The idea is to make it less painful

You know how it goes. One day you open up your laptop to send that essential email. The laptop fails to start (obviously it’s broken, because you NEVER loose your power adaptor, right?). So, you hurry to the spare PC and try to remember your login details in vain, and realise you need to call for support.

However, that fantastic 20 million free gigabytes of space on your 20 quid a year hosting account which you never use is no help now… Now you have to remember how to login to your ISP’s support system. And then, once you have found THAT password (which of course ISN’T in a password protected Word document on your laptop is it?) you login and add a ticket to the system, and if you’re lucky, you will get the exact information you need – but we all know what the usual story is.

I could go on, but you get the idea – sometimes it’s much, MUCH easier to call a friendly support number or just to go to a website and send a message straight to support.

The economics of it all

Something has to give. If you look at all of the glossy hosting sites out there offering the moon on a stick for what seems like bubble gum money, then you know, as well as I do, that something has to give. You can only automate so much, but somewhere along the line there are human beings. The trouble is when a single human is spread across 5000 customers or more, you can’t expect a personal service!

By providing direct support I know I’m never going to be able to service as many users as the huge names out there, and this will ultimately limit how much I’ll be able to earn, but that’s my personal choice, and anyone who actually knows me will know that I don’t like to let people down.

Strong from the start

As of today I’m just starting to put the ziphost website together, so for now there is just the welcome page. But don’t be fooled – we will be operating dual quad core genuine Dell Blade servers with 8Gb RAM – so rest assured your websites and email messages are going to fly!


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