Another logo design goes live –

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The brief was to create a fun logo for a company dealing in kids clothing and accessories. I didn’t want to create an image specifically of babies, or at older kids, so I pitched somewhere in between – kind of young toddler looking, with a cheakiness and bounce. I really didn’t want to follow the modern trend for ultra minimalist presentations, and owner Kay Dickinson was more than happy to let the brakes off!

Setting the mood

We started out with the head – so big stick out ears, and a gummy tooth was the order of the day – and the curly wisp of hair added a finishing touch to the little fella.

The face I had drawn really set the mood for the rest of the design, so then I started trawling through typefaces for something suitable. It had to be playful, without being too whacky. Typically, Ray Larabie came to the rescue with his MinyaNouvelle font – which proved perfect once it had been beefed up with some outlines. Then it was a case of adding some feet, finger tips, tummy, and a few other tweaks until we arrived at the final approved design – ta da!

Tiny Steps Kids Logo

We are happy to be helping relaunch their website, and hope to add another customer to our portfolio soon!


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