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Microlight Flight LogI spent a little time designing a flight log sheet for my NPPL microlight flights. Although there are commercially available flight log pads, I find them to be a little over the top for the kind of microlight flying many people do. This version has a reduced amount of information, and is perhaps more suited to the restricted space available to microlight pilots. If anyone is unsure what some of my marking mean, it goes like this:

  • PILOT/POB : Pilot name, and number of Persons On Board
  • A/C : Aircraft callsign and type
  • DATE : Obvious!
  • ROUTE : Total route
  • TOT DIST : Total Distance Flown (including return trip if part of the log)
  • TOT BLOCK : Total block time – from initial engine start to engine stop
  • FUEL : Total Fuel Carried (must cater for Total Block time plus at least 30 minutes more)
  • RWY, TAXI, QFE/QNH : Standard movement and pressure information at departure airfield
  • W/V/T 2000′ & 4000′ : Wind Direction. Velocity, and Temperature at 2000 and 5000 feet (from Met Office Form 214)
  • ALT : Cruise Altitude
  • MSA : Minimum Safe Altitude
  • TAS : Total Air Speed
  • TRK : Track Required True
  • G/S : Ground Speed
  • DIST : Leg Distance
  • Start Fixes : Prominent visual references – Gross error checks.
  • o/head : Overhead departure time
  • HDG ºM : Heading Magnetic (including any variation and deviation)
  • TIME + : Estimated time for leg
  • ETA : Estimated Time of Arrival
  • ATA : Actual Time of Arrival

I’ve also included the standard radio call nemonics, CARPACE, and CPTANE, as recommended in the BMAA syllabus – in addition to the currently recommended MAYDAY call, and distress frequency 121.500Mhz. No transponder codes, as most microlights still don’t carry one!

If anyone finds this useful, please comment and let me know if there are any improvements you think could be made.

You are free to copy and print this out for personal or commercial use. If you would like one modified to carry your company name, please get in touch – I’m happy to do it for beer money! Obviously, this document is provided as is, without any warranty whatsoever – use entirely at your own risk! Happy, and safe flying!

Download the Microlight Flight Log here (Or click on the image above)

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