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Union Branch Website Offer – Public Services

Union Branch WebsitesAsk yourself these questions…

  • Are you a member of a UNISON or UNITE trade union branch?
  • Are you reeling from the onslaught of the Tory cut backs?
  • Do you need to gain more members, and improve communication with existing members?

Now, more than ever, you need to reach out to the workforce!

A branch website you can manage for only £350+vat

There – that’s the bottom line. I’m not messing about! To find out more go to either of the following sample websites:

There’s no catch. It’s the best deal you are likely to find from a professional designer. Why? Because I believe it’s necessary to help trade unions everywhere to gather strength for the political and economic s**t storm we now find ourselves in. Read More…

SEO success stories and development

We have had some considerable success in recent years with getting our customers’ websites to the heady heights of page 1 on Google and other search engines (yes, there are other search engines besides the mighty G!)

To see how we’ve been doing, here are some examples of recent Google results (leave out the quotes when entering the queries in google):

  • “midlands contract plumbing” – are at number 1
  • “falconry experience” – are at number 1
  • “used pallet racking” – on page 1
  • “battery management” – are number 1
  • “midlands laser clinic” – on page 1
  • “interior refurbishment” – on page 1
  • “vw service” – are page 1 – higher up than most official VW dealerships
  • “uk battery distributor” – on page 1
  • “dog behaviour wolverhampton” – are number 1
  • “mesh fencing” – on page 1
  • “alfa romeo service” – on page 1

Some of these sites have been around for a while – whereas others are relatively new. In all cases, customers have employed us to create SEO optimised content, and have taken our advice to carry out their own link building, or have employed us to do it for them.

Now even better Search Engine Optimisation

We are getting ready to launch a range of SEO link building services to our customers – with prices ranging from £90/month upwards. These packages will use various techniques (mainly carried out by human beings, not machines) to grow the number of quality inbound links to your website.

To keep in the loop – subscribe to our blog by email and watch out for the launch of this new service. We’ll be announcing full pricing details in forthcoming blog posts.

Or, if you can’t wait for us to get the details published – get in touch today and we’ll get you started!

Mission NPPL – 2nd Cross Country Flight Completed

During the recent hot spell we’ve been having I haven’t gone flying very much. Enclosed cockpits with rudimentary window ventilators get a little cosy on hot summer days – too cosy for my liking. And, as anyone who has done their HPL exam will know, getting too hot and sweaty while trying to focus on something that requires total attention is not the best recipe for safe flying.

Anyway, July 8th was a little cooler than previous days, and despite having done some preliminary planning to go to Croft Farm (near Defford, Worcestershire), I was half in mind to just spend a little time with my instructor consolidating precautionary landings, and some other areas that needed brushing up.

There was a weak warm front approaching the south coast, and despite my chicken little approach to bad weather, I was persuaded it wouldn’t spoil the conditions in the midlands for a good few hours. So, with my full english breakfast rolling about my already nervous stomach I set about completing the flight log for the route. Croft Farm is PPR (Prior Permission Required) only, so I gave them a ring, and booked in my arrival, allowing myself 45 minutes. Then, armed with my cross country ticket, I topped up the fuel tank, and set off. It was a great flight, and although it still got nice and warm, I coped fine. Croft Farm, like so many farm strips, completely vanished from my view on downwind, and I only managed to re-aquire it once I was on base. After a bit of side slipping, I got things nicely set up for landing on 27, and managed to get her down, and off at the halfway point.

Read More…

Is Facebook secure for your kid’s photographs?

This article started out, funnily enough, as a Facebook message to a family member who had asked me to remove pictures of a child from my Facebook account, just in case the pictures fell into the hands of evil weirdos. It was clearly believed that this would somehow protect the child (in this case, my grand-daughter), from unwelcome attention.

Paranoia around child abuse is not good, and leads to the sort of thing that appeared in the papers a few years ago. So, I’m going to attempt to help others better understand the implications of getting out of bed in the morning, and risks that can expose us all to.

Have you looked for “baby” lately on Google images? 340 million image so far. Search for baby photos on,, – in fact any large stock image library carries tens of thousands of baby images for professional use. I’m guilty myself of paying a mother money so I could get some saleable photos of her baby – it’s what professional photographers do. Those images hopefully wind up on packaging, advertising, or in editorial content such as magazines and books. Oh don’t worry, anyone I photographed under age was always done so with guardians close by and with model release forms signed off).

Look at this alamy page here! – thousands of babies for the perverts to look at – some are even, shock horror, unclothed! Does this make the world a darker place? If you think so, then I would suggest you need to take a reality check, and review the inner workings of your own mind. Read More…

How to use prettyPhoto in WordPress Galleries

Just a quick hack I thought I would document to help anyone else out there wondering how to do this.

WordPress now has a simple gallery shortcode, to enable the inclusion of a gallery of all images associated with your post. By default, you just get a grid of images that either link to another page containing the image, or a link directly to the image. Either way, it’s not terribly pretty, and it seems tantalisingly close to something that would look half decent if only something like prettyPhoto (a lightbox clone) could be leveraged. It can!

The gallery shortcode goes something like this:

[gallery link="file"]

It is fully documented here. Basically, this uses the function wp_get_attachment_link inside the /wp-includes/post-template.php file. You could either hack the core function (line 970 on WP3.0) changing:

return apply_filters( 'wp_get_attachment_link', "<a href='$url' title='$post_title'>$link_text</a>", $id, $size, $permalink, $icon, $text );


return apply_filters( 'wp_get_attachment_link', "<a href='$url' title='$post_title' rel='prettyPhoto[slides]'>$link_text</a>", $id, $size, $permalink, $icon, $text );

A better solution

After a bit of reading (thanks to ThemeShaper), I figured out how to use the hooks system, to build a simple function, and filter to modify the output of wp_get_attachment_link. Just pop this code into your template’s functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_link', 'sant_prettyadd');
function sant_prettyadd ($content) {
	$content = preg_replace("/<a/","<a rel=\"prettyPhoto[slides]\"",$content,1);
	return $content;

Obviously, you could alter the regex above to do just about anything you like to the output of wp_get_attachment_link, but this does what I set out to do.

PrettyPhoto installation

Obviously, this requires prettyPhoto to be installed and activated on the page for the effect to work. prettyPhoto is available as a WP Plugin – much easier than hacking it into your theme manually. Here’s a sample of how it works: