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Union Branch WebsitesAsk yourself these questions…

  • Are you a member of a UNISON or UNITE trade union branch?
  • Are you reeling from the onslaught of the Tory cut backs?
  • Do you need to gain more members, and improve communication with existing members?

Now, more than ever, you need to reach out to the workforce!

A branch website you can manage for only £350+vat

There – that’s the bottom line. I’m not messing about! To find out more go to either of the following sample websites:

There’s no catch. It’s the best deal you are likely to find from a professional designer. Why? Because I believe it’s necessary to help trade unions everywhere to gather strength for the political and economic s**t storm we now find ourselves in.

Why am I doing this?

For the longest time I believed in not allowing my political beliefs to interfere with my business.

My friends and family will be well aware that my principles have cost me dear throughout my life – one of my biggest moments was while working for the NHS, when blowing the whistle eventually led to my current status as my own boss.

It’s ironic then, that despite a tainted experience of life in public service, that I have decided to “out” myself as a firm supporter of the nations public services, and the people who work for them.

I’m not talking about the university vice chancellors on more than 300k a year, or the top-heavy management structures which protect themselves by cutting the wages of the lowest paid workers, while they themselves enjoy a bonus – I’m talking about the cleaners, cooks, caretakers, and bottle washers that slave in the background to keep our public services moving.

We all (although many don’t know it) rely heavily on the trade union movement to protect their pay, conditions and pensions. Bank holiday’s, Statutory Sick Pay, health & safety, the employment rights act – there is an incredibly long list of legislation that wouldn’t be there if it were not for the trade union movement.

It’s the main reason we are not all dead by the age of 30, and spending most of our working lives producing Nike trainers for a bowl of rice a day (unlike many people who still work in countries dominated by market forces).

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