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Alliband Business Services provide a comprehensive array of technology and IT support services to business. Their existing website had grown with them over a period of years in the hands of various designers and hosting companies. The result was a website that had become difficult to manage, resulting in content that was less than ideal. We were tasked with completely relaunching the web presence.

Enjoying rapid growth, and having little resource to spare in-house to the website, Managing Director Phil Alliband gave us a reasonably open brief to re-launch the web presence using an easy to use CMS, and a design which would allow the regular addition of new pages and, most importantly, news and case study articles.

We used the existing content as a guide for the new copy, which we wrote over a period of a few weeks in liaison with Alliband. During this time we created most of the graphical elements for the new site, and started to build the content on the WordPress back-end. Phil comments :

We approached Sant Media May 2010 to help us construct a brand new website that would feature the new services we can offer our existing and potential clients. Steve advised us that a “WordPress” solution would be ideal because it would allow us to add Case Studies, News, Testimonials etc. These can all be added live without the need to download, edit and then reload the complete Web Site.

WordPress is very simple to use, in fact if you can use a word processor you can edit your website with this fantastic tool. The most impressive part though was the Service from Sant Media.

It became apparent to Steve very early on that my work commitments meant that I wouldn’t have time to create much content for the new site. Steve realised a more proactive approach was necessary, and he looked at our business, discussed all areas I wanted covered and then got “stuck in”, built the website, and wrote the copy.

It was virtually ready to go live before Steve asked me to proof it. He had done a fantastic job and it was 95% there. A few slight amendments and 24 hours later, we were live with a site I am proud to show off at every opportunity.

The site also required a secure area for their customers to get support, which is initially very simply, but has the facility to grow as the business requires.

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