How to open Winmail.dat on a Mac

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If, like me, you are a Mac user, then you will probably understand the frustration that can be caused when having to deal with badly configured Windows software being used by your customers. One of the common problems encountered is that of winmail.dat attachments.

What the hell is a winmail.dat file and why does this happen?

These files usually emanate from organisations that use Microsoft Exchange server, along with it’s unfortunate client-side sidekick, Outlook.

When a rich text message is sent to Exchange from Outlook, and the recipient of the message is marked in the Outlook user’s address book as being able to receive rich text messages, then the message is encapsulated in TNEF format.

This is great if the whole world used Microsoft Outlook – but they don’t.

Enter TNF’s enough!

My prefered solution is to use an application called TNF’s enough! Although there are a number of websites that offer to decode your winmail.dat files, unless you trust the folks who run these websites implicitly, I prefer to keep my emails local to my machine (at least once they have taversed the pubilc internet).

TNEF’s enough has a simple interface, and allows you to decode these files with ease. It is now available as a Universal binary and is compatible with Snow Leopard. Get it now!

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