Futures Education Services

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We worked for marketdriven.co.uk to help rebrand, and create a website that would promote the work of Futures Education.

Futures provide a range of imaginative services for young people who, for one reason or another, are outside the formal education system. We work in partnerships with community, voluntary and statutory agencies, extended school clusters and local schools.

Time was limited, but time was taken to look for a contemporary typeface that struck a friendly note. In the end, a logo was created based around Eric Olson’s Klavika typeface, which was then rounded and tweaked to produce a more soft appearance.

After approval by the client, this then drove the development of the website templates, and their stationery items. marketdriven.co.uk created the page content, while we got on with setting up th WordPress installation for Future’s needs.

Letterheads and business cards were created to round off the re-launch, and we look forward to working with Futures… in the future!


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