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So, you have a Mac, and maybe an iPhone too. You want to receive on your Apple toys, and you want to be able to send email using your own domain too – but Apple won’t let you send email from your own domain via their MobileMe service.

So – what do you do?

If you already have an email account that supports forwarding (and almost all do) then it actually pretty easy to work out.

Step 1

First of all, set up your Mobile Me account and make sure it’s all working normally. You could set up a separate MobileMe alias email address for my business emails – something like – you can do this from the MobileMe Mail Preferences area.

Step 2

Go to your hosting account for your own domain. Set up forwarding from your desired email address (e.g. to your MobileMe account. You don’t want to actually create a mailbox for this address – otherwise it will just fill up over time.

OK, so at this point any emails for are arriving in your MobileMe mailbox, (and still look like they are addressed to so it’s easy to filter your emails).

Now, you just need to work out how to send email out.

Step 3

On your hosting account for your own domain, just set up a dummy mailbox – call it something random and un-guessable like – the idea is that this mailbox will not receive any email.

OK, so now we setup this account on your iMac, MacBook, Air, iPhone or whatever as a normal POP3 account, using the settings provided by your hosting provider. Just remember to set the email address for this account to, but use the POP3 user account name for the mailbox you just set up.

So now, you can also send email out as

This works pretty well, but you still have to manually move your sent messages from time to time from your POP3 mailbox Sent box to your MobileMe Sent Box (if you want your sent mail to be on your MobileMe account, anyway).

you can receive

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