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To cut a long story short – if you want to protect your online presence from hackers, and avoid getting banned from Google, then you can do a lot worse than host your website with Ziphost, our sister company.

Yes, this is a bit of shameless self promotion, but we want people to understand that unlike almost every other hosting provider in the UK, Ziphost provide an extra level of protection by offering SecurityBoost on ALL hosting accounts.

What does this mean?

Hackers are working right now – thousands of them, all over the internet. They leave their computers running all day long searching through website after website for common vulnerabilities that will allow them to exploit your website.

It only takes a small error in programming to allow hackers to install malware into your website. This malware is usually designed to redirect people to phishing sites (used to gather your bank details), or to use your search engine rankings in order to redirect people to porn sites.

Our SecurityBoost feature inspects every incoming query to your website, and checks it against thousands of common exploit techniques. If it finds a match, then it stops the web page being loaded, and prevents the attack from succeeding. Think of it like a night club bouncer that doesn’t just check you are wearing a tie – he checks your clothing right down to the cotton/polyester mix in your socks!

What are the risks?

OK, “so what?” you might say. Well, if a hacker gains control of your website, you may not know for some time. Often the attacks aren’t obvious. Maybe just one page has been altered to look like a bank’s login screen, and is gathering details for criminals.

The hacked page might not even be visible from your website, but could be there quietly pumping out spam without your knowledge for weeks, bringing your server into disrepute, and maybe even getting your hosting account suspended by your provider.

Worst of all, if Google finds any hint of malware in your website you will find this kind of thing happening:

This is an absolute disaster for any business. Within a short space of time your search engine results, that you have fought so hard for, will be in tatters. Worse still, visitors to your website will see warnings like this:

Can you really afford to have your visitors put off your website in this way? We think not.

Worse still – if you want to conduct ecommerce, or run any website that stores user details, can you afford the negative reputation caused by having your website hacked? We think not.

If you are already hosting your website with Ziphost (if you are a Sant Media customer, then you probably are already) great, but if you aren’t and would like to know more, please get in touch with Ziphost for more information.

If you want to read a more in depth article about why being banned from Google is so bad for business, please read this article.

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