The importance of great testimonials

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SEO – a means to what end?

So, you’ve got a website with some form of content management. You are forever tinkering with it – adding a page here, modifying some copy there. All of this is great, particularly from a search engine optimisation point of view. Keeping things fresh is one of the best things you can do.

Maybe you’ve spent a few hundred quid (or more) on improving backlinks to your website – you’ve worked feverishly on facebook, and twitter to try and put your website on the map.

However,  improving your search engine rank is really only a means to an end. Don’t become so obsessed with attracting visitors, that you don’t have anything interesting to say to people who actually drop by!

Nobody says it better than a happy customer

Anyone who has ever purchased online will have (unless incredibly trusting) looked for reviews of the product or service they are about to spend their hard earned cash on. Why think your customers are any different? If they have looked at your website, then you can bet a steak dinner (or a nut roast) that they’ve also visited at least one other.

If your prospective customer doesn’t know you from Adam (which is a common scenario for a small business) then no amount of flashy design or well crafted copy is going to clinch the deal – particularly if your competitor has testimonials from happy customers on his site.

People LOVE reading reviews. A positive review of something you are thinking of buying does two important things.

  • it makes you feel better about yourself for having taken an interest in something which has been endorsed by others. After all, you don’t want to look foolish by buying the product that nobody likes, do you?
  • it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, which engenders trust, and increases desire for the thing being sold.

A picture paints a thousand words

The medium in which the review is delivered also has a marked effect. Written testimonials are a great way verify your good reputation, and advertise how good your service is. If new leads are able to see who else has been happy with your business, then it is far more likely that they will buy from you.

Even better than a written testimonial, is an audio or video testimonial – a bit more complication to produce, but the psychological impact of seeing the facial reactions, and body language of a happy customer praising your business is hard to quantify.

Anyone who was around in the seventies must surely remember Victor Kiam, who thought his electric razor was so good, he bought the company. OK, so maybe we aren’t aiming to sell our company, but you get the idea. A great testimonial is something to tell the world about – always!

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