Grit Free Soda Blasting

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Grit Free Soda BlastingGritFree Blasting is the brainchild of Peter Wardley. Peter sought an outlet more focussed on automotive, marine and aviation restoration, with an informal, fun, yet informative approach. It all started early in 2010, but due to the popularity of Soda Blasting, Ecoblast often left us to get on with the site. This was fun in many ways as it allowed us to fit more creative work into the job at our leisure.

Baking Soda MoleculeDespite only recently going live with the website, the GritFree team had been busy throughout 2011 and the Soda Blasting examples shown in their Portfolio page demonstrate how well the process is trusted by prestige customers.

Unlike shot blasting, the GritFree process is non-destructive. It was important to emphasise this, so graphics that were originally developed for parent company Ecoblast UK Ltd were re-used.

The job required a logo to be developed from the Ecoblast brand, some custom illustrations, and some original photography!


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