The true purpose of design

Design failure

Bad and Good DesignRegardless of the primary or secondary function of a design, bad design is always obvious, especially when you encounter it in your day to day life.

An instruction manual that makes it awkward to find essential information, a website that makes it incredibly hard to find essential information, or a fashion magazine with no glamorous pictures are all unlikely to make you a repeat customer (unless you like that sort of thing!).

Design success

When you interact with anything, be it a physical object or something that is based solely upon the transfer of information and aesthetics (such as advertising), your experience of that interaction is the most important factor in determining your emotional involvement with that thing.

In order to attract people to your brand, event, cause or whatever, there has to be a balance struck between aesthetic beauty and the ability to transfer information effectively. This is what I always aim to do. Simple and straightforward design, that doesn’t loose sight of its purpose (something that happens all too often, and for no other reason than to boost the designer’s ego).

I’m sure I haven’t told you anything here that you didn’t already appreciate, but it is worth sitting down and considering these aspects of design before embarking on any project. Then, by working together, I’m confident we can produce the successful designs that your business needs to prosper.

Steve Sant

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