About our small but perfectly formed company

Sant Media has been trading since 2002, but only recently incorporate as Sant Consulting Ltd. My sole aim in business has been to create long term relationships with a limited client base that I can service well in the long term.

I’ve enjoyed a life long career in various design and technology roles, and for the past ten years or so I am proud to have helped many SMEs startup, grow and enjoy success. I’ve also been a lifelong photographer and still regularly shoot stock footage for sale through agencies.

The business philosophy

Most of my clients have been with me for many years, and this not by chance as long term relationships simply aren’t possible if either party feels cheated in any way. A long term relationship depends on trust, delivery of work on schedule, and prompt payment.

I’m not fresh out of university, but I like to think that my feet are firmly on the ground and that I understand small business pretty well. The businesses I work with have limited budgets and need design work that will get results, as opposed to simply making me feel good about how imaginative I can be as a designer.

Your website or design project is not a vehicle for the designer’s ego – it is your means to earning a living, and that remains foremost in my mind on every job.

I hope I can work for you in the future

Steve Sant