Logo Design

Logo Schmogo, right? Wrong!

Your Logo can make the difference between winning and losing a customer, especially when your brand isn’t universally known. It doesn’t have to be incredibly ornate or complex, but it does have to be smart and well considered.

Take a look at the Portfolio to see samples of previous designs.

It’s good to be briefed!

Professional Logo DesignUnlike the “dial-a-logo” companies out there I actually take the time to discuss your ideas with you, to learn about your company, your market, target audience and your goals before setting out on the creative process.

In fact, the best way to maximise bang-for-your-buck is to have all of this information ready before you talk to us – or any designer! Please take a little time to read our article on providing a design brief for more information.

Getting what you pay for

Skimping on something that is going to be the public face of your company for several years is a recipe for failure.

Off the shelf logos are by their nature, unoriginal and generic, and are almost always a compromise. Also, you are far more likely to encounter problems when trying to trademark them with the Intellectual Property Office.

So how much will this cost?

One of the most common questions asked is how much will it cost? I have created logos for as little as £50 (when the client knew exactly what they wanted) – but I have also designed logos for several hundred pounds. I simply charge by the hour for logo design, and this allows the creative freedom a logo or trademark requires. So far my customers (mostly small/medium or startup businesses) have been very pleased with the results!

We are always sensitive to your budget, and will always strive for the best results without sacrificing creativity.

Supporting your trademark™

Many customers choose to protect their brand by registering it as a trademark. This will protect you against other people using your name or ripping off your logo in future. It makes sense to do this before you go any further with your business identity as re-branding later on can be very expensive!

I will help you to do this by supplying the artwork in whatever formats you require to apply for trademark registration.

I can provide your logo in many different formats to allow your company to maximise the value of its new look. I specify the colours for internet and traditional media usage, and can provide formal identity usage guidelines so you know exactly how your logo should be displayed, along with accompanying typefaces and necessary spacing. Basically, I’m here to help you long after you have paid for your new identity.