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Use MobileMe with your own domain

So, you have a Mac, and maybe an iPhone too. You want to receive email@yourdomain.com on your Apple toys, and you want to be able to send email using your own domain too – but Apple won’t let you send email from your own domain via their MobileMe service.

So – what do you do?

If you already have an email account that supports forwarding (and almost all do) then it actually pretty easy to work out. Read More…

Force Apple mail.app to display attachments as icon

One of the most annoying things about Mail.app is it’s insistence on displaying attachments as inline images. Bitmap images, PDF’s and other visuals end up getting sent as inline content which other mail clients won’t always recognise as attachments.

Running a design business, you can imagine how frustrating it can be to see emails cluttered up with graphics that you don’t want to see inline.

There are a few options open to you:

Change each attachment by hand : Right click each attachment, and choose to show the attachment as an icon. Perfect for people who have time to waste!

Install Mail Attachment Iconizer from Lokiware : This is a nice application that allows you to choose how attachments should be treated, so smaller images (often used in signatures) will still be shown on screen.

Force OS X to treat ALL attachments as icons no matter what : My personal favourite, as it cuts the clutter to a minimum. Just run the following command from a Terminal session :

defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes

To undo this command, just enter it again, swapping “yes” for “false”. Simples!