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How to switch from Mobile Me iCloud to Google Apps

I decided to divorce myself from the Apple-a-tron that is iCloud for a number of reasons.

  • I don’t like being forced to upgrade to iCloud
  • I don’t like being forced to upgrade to Lion to use iCloud
  • As a user of Adobe CS5 and numerous peripherals for photo/print etc, I can’t see how upgrading to Lion is going to make anything easier for me (actually the reverse)
  • I felt it was time to move my online self to a domain that I control, instead of me.com or mac.com

So, how to do it? I run a number of Macs, and an iPhone so whatever I choose has to work on both, and be relatively painless. This guide isn’t for total beginners, I wish I had the time to describe every step in detail with screenshots, but anyone with a sense of adventure should get through this guide without difficulty. Read More…

Google Malware Warnings are Bad for Business

In fact, it’s probably fairer to say that having your site pulled from Google’s index because of Malware is not just bad for you, it’s bad for everyone. Malware is software that has been installed in your website code that is intended to infringe people’s privacy, commit identity theft/fraud or to infect their computer with a virus or trojan. Hackers spend every waking hour working on ways to sneak their software into your website, and if google finds out, this is what you can expect (click on the image to see the next page that Google will give you):

So, if you have a website for your business, and you care about whether that website is going to be available in the next 24hrs, you really must read on! Read More…