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The importance of great testimonials

SEO – a means to what end?

So, you’ve got a website with some form of content management. You are forever tinkering with it – adding a page here, modifying some copy there. All of this is great, particularly from a search engine optimisation point of view. Keeping things fresh is one of the best things you can do.

Maybe you’ve spent a few hundred quid (or more) on improving backlinks to your website – you’ve worked feverishly on facebook, and twitter to try and put your website on the map.

However,  improving your search engine rank is really only a means to an end. Don’t become so obsessed with attracting visitors, that you don’t have anything interesting to say to people who actually drop by! Read More…

Alliband Business Services

Alliband Business Services provide a comprehensive array of technology and IT support services to business. Their existing website had grown with them over a period of years in the hands of various designers and hosting companies. The result was a website that had become difficult to manage, resulting in content that was less than ideal. We were tasked with completely relaunching the web presence. Read More…

SEO success stories and development

We have had some considerable success in recent years with getting our customers’ websites to the heady heights of page 1 on Google and other search engines (yes, there are other search engines besides the mighty G!)

To see how we’ve been doing, here are some examples of recent Google results (leave out the quotes when entering the queries in google):

  • “midlands contract plumbing” – allroundplumbing.co.uk are at number 1
  • “falconry experience” – thefalconrycentre.co.uk are at number 1
  • “used pallet racking” – usedstoragesystems.co.uk on page 1
  • “battery management” – adverc.co.uk are number 1
  • “midlands laser clinic” – cottage-surgery.co.uk on page 1
  • “interior refurbishment” – kvinteriors.co.uk on page 1
  • “vw service” – vwrescue.co.uk are page 1 – higher up than most official VW dealerships
  • “uk battery distributor” – manbat.co.uk on page 1
  • “dog behaviour wolverhampton” – dog-behaviour.co.uk are number 1
  • “mesh fencing” – urbanfencing.co.uk on page 1
  • “alfa romeo service” – wad-alfaromeo.co.uk on page 1

Some of these sites have been around for a while – whereas others are relatively new. In all cases, customers have employed us to create SEO optimised content, and have taken our advice to carry out their own link building, or have employed us to do it for them.

Now even better Search Engine Optimisation

We are getting ready to launch a range of SEO link building services to our customers – with prices ranging from £90/month upwards. These packages will use various techniques (mainly carried out by human beings, not machines) to grow the number of quality inbound links to your website.

To keep in the loop – subscribe to our blog by email and watch out for the launch of this new service. We’ll be announcing full pricing details in forthcoming blog posts.

Or, if you can’t wait for us to get the details published – get in touch today and we’ll get you started!

How do I trademark a company logo?

Registered Trade Mark indiciaProtecting your corporate identity is becoming more necessary than ever. In an increasingly competitive and, arguably, immoral capitalist system, companies are becoming only too willing to try and steal some of your business by cloning your “look and feel”. Even worse – and this happened to yours truly – a new company that looks like it has a good name might have the rug pulled from under it’s feet by the big boys registering your name as a trademark before you get the chance to establish yourselves!

The difference between TM and ®

We’ve all seen the little TM and ® marks adorning logos for years, but what do they mean?

TM, meaning Trade Mark is simply the owners assertion that their product, service or company are unique. There is no real legal validity to this, other than that the brand may have been notoriously well known for many years. Whether or not the user shows the logo with the TM is largely immaterial – the claim to ownership of a brand name or logo will always be stronger, the longer you have used it unchallenged, whether it has been legally registered or not.

®, meaning Registered Trade Mark means that the items in question has been registered with the Patent office (or IPO Intellectual Property Office in the UK). It has legal clout right from the word go. Read More…

Can a Facebook Page help my SEO and rank?

“Facebook is for kids”, or “That thing my teenage son spends half of his life in front of?” are just two of the common responses I receive when I tell customers that getting on Facebook has become an essential aspect of any online marketing strategy.

Got Facebook?Unlike Myspace which allowed pages to become too unstructured and messy, Facebook held onto their page structures with a little more firmness and the strategy may have contributed to their success.

Why Facebook Pages can improve your page ranking

Facebook is now one of the most vigorously indexed websites in the world, and as Facebook Pages are publicly viewable, they are prime real estate for any online marketing campaign. All of the links on your Facebook Page will be seen by Google and others, so links from this system back to your website are also a great way to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results.

Facebook spreads information very effectively, both by direct searches within the Facebook website itself, and virally from user to user. If somebody choose to “Like” your page, then all of their online Friends instantly see that information, and can decide to check out your facebook page for themselves – and if they “Like” it too, then their own circle of Friends see that information – and so forth. It’s easy to understand the term Viral Marketing when you start to understand how Facebook works. Read More…