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Colour Management for Beginners – Profiles Explained

Color Management for beginnersIf you are frustrated by Photoshop nagging with an Embedded Profile Mismatch every time you open an image, this document is primarily for you. If you have worked it out by trial and error, but still don’t know what on earth is going on behind the scenes, then this is still for you!

Computers don’t understand colour. A colour, to a computer, is nothing more than a collection of numbers – without soul, subjectivity or emotion. Humans on the other hand perceive colour in so many ways you would need to be a chemist, biologist, neurologist, psychologist and philosopher all rolled into one to appreciate the impact it has on our daily lives.

We most generally encounter man made colour in two fundamentally differing ways:

  • On electronic display screens (computers, phones, TVs, cinema etc) where the colour is the result of projected or emitted light
  • In printed forms, where the colour is a result of pigments, dyes or whatever else is placed on the printing surface (substrate)

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Logo design considerations

One of the things to consider when designing a logo is how it is likely to be reproduced, as this can have a huge impact on cost further down the road. This article deals with why we advise customers in a particular direction when designing identities. Read More…