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Is Facebook secure for your kid’s photographs?

This article started out, funnily enough, as a Facebook message to a family member who had asked me to remove pictures of a child from my Facebook account, just in case the pictures fell into the hands of evil weirdos. It was clearly believed that this would somehow protect the child (in this case, my grand-daughter), from unwelcome attention.

Paranoia around child abuse is not good, and leads to the sort of thing that appeared in the papers a few years ago. So, I’m going to attempt to help others better understand the implications of getting out of bed in the morning, and risks that can expose us all to.

Have you looked for “baby” lately on Google images? 340 million image so far. Search for baby photos on istockphoto.com, fotolia.com, alamy.com – in fact any large stock image library carries tens of thousands of baby images for professional use. I’m guilty myself of paying a mother money so I could get some saleable photos of her baby – it’s what professional photographers do. Those images hopefully wind up on packaging, advertising, or in editorial content such as magazines and books. Oh don’t worry, anyone I photographed under age was always done so with guardians close by and with model release forms signed off).

Look at this alamy page here! – thousands of babies for the perverts to look at – some are even, shock horror, unclothed! Does this make the world a darker place? If you think so, then I would suggest you need to take a reality check, and review the inner workings of your own mind. Read More…

The NHS SCR Summary Care Record Scandal – Why Opt Out

Security and the NHS - Oil and Water?If you are concerned by the piece of paper that recently came through your door regarding the Summary Care Record the NHS want to computerise, then this article is for you. If you are concerned that the NHS might not be equipped to keep your information secure, then this article is for you. If you are worried that your personal data might fall into the wrong hands by being left on a laptop on the back seat of a car in a public car park, then this article is for you!

It is no secret within the industry that the NHS has a poor record of data security. ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) deputy commissioner David Smith has now singled out the National Health Service (NHS) as being the worst in the UK when it comes to breaches in data security. It comes as little surprise to me. Several years experience in an NHS Health Authority (later PCT) I.T. department exposed me to staggering lapses in security of patient data, and the complacency of senior management when concerns were voiced. Read More…