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How to Move WordPress – Essentials tutorial

OK, I should probably qualify the title. This guide should give you all you need to know to be able to move a standard WordPress (i.e. NOT WordPress MU edition)  site from one location to another. What I’m not going to discuss here are the SEO redirects that you will need to do to prevent rank loss, or what you will need to do if you also want to alter your permalink structure at the same time.

Moving WordPress strikes fear into many a web developer, but it doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. There are a few possibilities when you move wordpress:

  • You may be moving the installation path e.g. from http://yourdomain.com/wordpress/ to http://yourdomain.com/
  • You may be moving to a new domain e.g. from http://olddomain.com to http://newdomain.com
  • You may be moving hosts, from one server to another.

Or, if you are a real blog-warrior, you’ll be attempting to do two or more of the above! Read More…

WordPress for absolute beginners – Part 1 (Pages and Posts)

Understanding WordPress, Pages and Posts

This article isn’t for coders, geeks or professional website developers. It’s for you – the erstwhile businessman (or woman) who is desperately trying to understand WordPress in the most basic terms. No technobabble – just an executive overview, if you will, but with enough facts to help you understand how WordPress can help transform your interweb thingy into an effective tool for keeping your existing customers interested, and winning new ones to boot!
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Alliband Business Services

Alliband Business Services provide a comprehensive array of technology and IT support services to business. Their existing website had grown with them over a period of years in the hands of various designers and hosting companies. The result was a website that had become difficult to manage, resulting in content that was less than ideal. We were tasked with completely relaunching the web presence. Read More…

How to use prettyPhoto in WordPress Galleries

Just a quick hack I thought I would document to help anyone else out there wondering how to do this.

WordPress now has a simple gallery shortcode, to enable the inclusion of a gallery of all images associated with your post. By default, you just get a grid of images that either link to another page containing the image, or a link directly to the image. Either way, it’s not terribly pretty, and it seems tantalisingly close to something that would look half decent if only something like prettyPhoto (a lightbox clone) could be leveraged. It can!

The gallery shortcode goes something like this:

[gallery link="file"]

It is fully documented here. Basically, this uses the function wp_get_attachment_link inside the /wp-includes/post-template.php file. You could either hack the core function (line 970 on WP3.0) changing:

return apply_filters( 'wp_get_attachment_link', "<a href='$url' title='$post_title'>$link_text</a>", $id, $size, $permalink, $icon, $text );


return apply_filters( 'wp_get_attachment_link', "<a href='$url' title='$post_title' rel='prettyPhoto[slides]'>$link_text</a>", $id, $size, $permalink, $icon, $text );

A better solution

After a bit of reading (thanks to ThemeShaper), I figured out how to use the hooks system, to build a simple function, and filter to modify the output of wp_get_attachment_link. Just pop this code into your template’s functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_link', 'sant_prettyadd');
function sant_prettyadd ($content) {
	$content = preg_replace("/<a/","<a rel=\"prettyPhoto[slides]\"",$content,1);
	return $content;

Obviously, you could alter the regex above to do just about anything you like to the output of wp_get_attachment_link, but this does what I set out to do.

PrettyPhoto installation

Obviously, this requires prettyPhoto to be installed and activated on the page for the effect to work. prettyPhoto is available as a WP Plugin – much easier than hacking it into your theme manually. Here’s a sample of how it works:

Inhouse vs outsourced web designer – The rise and fall

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

Well, OK, maybe not that long ago or far away, but 15 years ago any company wanting to setup their own website would have probably purchased a copy of Frontpage and given it to their IT department. The website would have been largely static, and often designed by someone more used to dealing with spreadsheets.

This was reflected in the general standard of websites at that time, chock full of landing pages, nasty gif animations, and the spinning or flaming logos were all learnt to live with for some time!

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WordPress blogroll link order – Change widget behaviour

Another quickie here. Although people use various blogroll plugins, sometimes the standard widget has it’s place (some themes don’t allow custom code to be used in some areas of your blog, for example). The problem is that the standard widget only displays links in alphabetical order based on the link name. There are two ways you can correct this.

1.) Change the default behaviour of the script that produces the blogroll lists

No problem, just go along to /wp-includes/bookmark-template.php – and find the code around line 198 Read More…