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SEO is not a means to its own end

I recently had a chat with the director of a small engineering company who wanted to improve search engine rank. They had been advised by a representative of a well known business directory (that has something to do with the colour yellow) that by tarting their website up with some new content, graphics and a whole bunch of keyword-laden hidden text (I can only assume this guy had been on a loooong holiday) that their search engine results will trump those of their competitors’ – ergo, their company would somehow, perhaps by osmosis, become more successful than their competitor.

I couldn’t conscientiously take this work on without enquiring why the gentleman thought a better search engine result would guarantee he would get more business than his competitor. A higher ranking does not mean you will crush the competition. Only high quality, relevant and helpful content is going to convince them that you are the guys for the job. Read More…

Hardening WordPress – Password Protected Directory causing 404 errors

Securing WordPress Guide

WordPress SecuritySecuring your WordPress blog is quite important, especially once you start to get any attention – the hackers and script kiddies won’t be far behind! It’s not hard to take a number of steps to make life much harder for people who want to spoil your blog.

I’m going to document “timeless” techniques first, then look at some plugins. There are dozens of plugins for securing WordPress that can help with security, but plugins come and go (apart from a few), so I’m sticking to solid security measures.

Because there are always bug fixes, and new security exploits being patched, I won’t insult your intelligence by stating that you should keep your copy of WordPress up to date on your server  – oops, I just did!

Seriously, though, installing WordPress is the easy bit – you must keep it current to be secure. I could show you excerpts from our application firewall logs, and your toes would curl if you were aware of how many times your blog gets probed for various weaknesses and exploits. Read More…