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Alliband Business Services

Alliband Business Services provide a comprehensive array of technology and IT support services to business. Their existing website had grown with them over a period of years in the hands of various designers and hosting companies. The result was a website that had become difficult to manage, resulting in content that was less than ideal. We were tasked with completely relaunching the web presence. Read More…

Inekar – Mobile Communications

InekarInekar Ltd mobile communications specialists are a family run business, providing the complete mobile communications service, including supply and install of:

  • Hands free mobile phone car kits
  • In Car Entertainment (ICE) systems, including iPod kits
  • GPS tracker devices
  • Parking sensors

Managing Director, Jason McComb, was struggling with the BT Site Builder solution, and needed a more professional appearance for the company that would provide a platform not just to promote their installation services, but also to expose the vast knowledgebase of mobile technology the company has amassed in it’s almost ten years of trading.

“The WordPress platform was a no brainer”, says Jason – “it’s going to allow us to share our knowledge with the world, and hopefully encourage people to come back to us again and again, as our expertise in the field is not being fully utilised to our advantage”.

Union Branch Website Offer – Public Services

Union Branch WebsitesAsk yourself these questions…

  • Are you a member of a UNISON or UNITE trade union branch?
  • Are you reeling from the onslaught of the Tory cut backs?
  • Do you need to gain more members, and improve communication with existing members?

Now, more than ever, you need to reach out to the workforce!

A branch website you can manage for only £350+vat

There – that’s the bottom line. I’m not messing about! To find out more go to either of the following sample websites:

There’s no catch. It’s the best deal you are likely to find from a professional designer. Why? Because I believe it’s necessary to help trade unions everywhere to gather strength for the political and economic s**t storm we now find ourselves in. Read More…

SEO success stories and development

We have had some considerable success in recent years with getting our customers’ websites to the heady heights of page 1 on Google and other search engines (yes, there are other search engines besides the mighty G!)

To see how we’ve been doing, here are some examples of recent Google results (leave out the quotes when entering the queries in google):

  • “midlands contract plumbing” – are at number 1
  • “falconry experience” – are at number 1
  • “used pallet racking” – on page 1
  • “battery management” – are number 1
  • “midlands laser clinic” – on page 1
  • “interior refurbishment” – on page 1
  • “vw service” – are page 1 – higher up than most official VW dealerships
  • “uk battery distributor” – on page 1
  • “dog behaviour wolverhampton” – are number 1
  • “mesh fencing” – on page 1
  • “alfa romeo service” – on page 1

Some of these sites have been around for a while – whereas others are relatively new. In all cases, customers have employed us to create SEO optimised content, and have taken our advice to carry out their own link building, or have employed us to do it for them.

Now even better Search Engine Optimisation

We are getting ready to launch a range of SEO link building services to our customers – with prices ranging from £90/month upwards. These packages will use various techniques (mainly carried out by human beings, not machines) to grow the number of quality inbound links to your website.

To keep in the loop – subscribe to our blog by email and watch out for the launch of this new service. We’ll be announcing full pricing details in forthcoming blog posts.

Or, if you can’t wait for us to get the details published – get in touch today and we’ll get you started!

Inhouse vs outsourced web designer – The rise and fall

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

Well, OK, maybe not that long ago or far away, but 15 years ago any company wanting to setup their own website would have probably purchased a copy of Frontpage and given it to their IT department. The website would have been largely static, and often designed by someone more used to dealing with spreadsheets.

This was reflected in the general standard of websites at that time, chock full of landing pages, nasty gif animations, and the spinning or flaming logos were all learnt to live with for some time!

Read More…

How much should a logo design cost?

I’m sure I’m not the first, nor will I be the last designer to write about this topic. It’s probably a reflection of the world we now live in that the first question often asked is “how much will a logo cost”, or “can you do it for £50 because company xyz can.” – my answer to the latter statement, albeit qualified and polite, has often resulted in the end of the phone call – but that’s OK.

It’s a bit like asking a builder – how much does it cost to design a building, or a lawyer – how much is my divorce going to cost. You can’t guarantee the best outcome on a fixed price. Fixed price logos are always a compromise, just like anything in life which is sold at a fixed low price. If you truly want to develop something unique that is going to project your brand, then it comes back to time and money. Ultimately, you always (unless you are incredibly lucky) get what you pay for. Read More…