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Secure FTP (SFTP) in Dreamweaver using SSH tunnelling – No shared keys

It’ a bit of a bugbear with many people that Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, and I think CS5, although supporting SFTP using password authentication, won’t work with SSH public/private keypairs. It’s far more secure to use SSH with a public/private key pair than with straightforward password authentication.

Why is SFTP important?

FTP is about as secure as SMTP email, or Telnet – i.e. every man and his dog can listen in and before you know it, your (not so) local porn pedlars have replaced your website with something sensational. It amazes me constantly that companies that install SSL certificates are happy for their web developers to connect to the web server using plain old FTP, often uploading files containing critical passwords to databases and other external systems.

Securing FTP using SSH tunneling

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RVSiteBuilder Now Available on Ziphost Business Web Hosting

All of our business web hosting packages at now offer RVSiteBuilder. For anyone who hasn’t yet seen this package, it offers a way to build and publish your website online, without having to understand HTML code. We have over 700 templates to choose from so there is almost certainly something you can use to get your business off the ground with the minimum expenditure. If you want to see what it can do for you, then contact us to see about getting a demo account set-up (subject to verification). Web hosting with RVSiteBuilder has some great features including:


  • Fully integrated to cPanel
  • Unlimited pages and sub-pages for end-user web site
  • Screen resolution 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, 95% and 100%.
  • Backup and restore project
  • Missing project recovering
  • Move your Logo, Company Name and Slogan position
  • Inline Help
  • Embed your code ex. Adsense, Glitter etc.

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Ziphost is go – web hosting with human(e) support

The problem – a few huge names offering hosting for pence, and offering predictably poor support.

The solution – don’t be greedy, just offer high performance hosting for a few quid more, and offer real HUMAN support.

This is the philosophy behind Ziphost is going to be small, but perfectly formed, offering robust high performance web hosting to small businesses and organisations. We aren’t planning to sell domain names – and strongly recommend anyone not to put their domain registrations and hosting in the same basket for safety’s sake. Read More…