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Free iMac Vector Image Illustration

Free iMac Vector ImageSo, it was a rainy Sunday, and going flying was not an option, so I thought I would spruce up my home page a little, particularly after launching my project. Anyway, I wanted to put a picture of my iMac on there, but was faced with either

  • looking for some stock art (pricey)
  • lugging my iMac into the studio and photographing it
  • flexing my Illustrator muscles

So, I thought I’d share the love today, and create a lovely vector illustration of my iMac in Adobe Illustrator. Read More…

Illustrator Tutorial – Traffic Cone

Ilustrator Cone TutorialThis is a first attempt at bringing some illustrator goodness to anyone wanting to see how some of those groovy web 2.0 icons are created. I’ve not spent much time creating tutorials in the past, and this one assumes you already have a basic grasp of how to draw shapes and apply colours and gradient fills in Illustrator so it doesn’t show the construction in agonising detail. It does, however, offer the full original Illustrator CS3 file here for download so you can take it apart and see how things were done. Read More…